The TriStar Health Emergency Services Network is dedicated to enhancing hospital and EMS partnerships.

Our Team

Hunter Earnest

Kevin Tennant

The TriStar Health Emergency Services Network offers a team of dedicated individuals that serve as your voice and liaisons between TriStar facilities and EMS agencies. We are educators, facilitators, and advocates who work to coordinate and meet the needs of all first responders.


TriStar Health is the region’s largest healthcare system with emergency services including trauma, pediatrics, neurology and cardiology. We understand quality care requires teamwork and this is why our team’s sole focus is building and strengthening relationships with our pre-hospital partners.

Our Emergency Services Network offers:

  • Education/Training programs
  • Clinical affiliations
  • Patient Outcomes
  • Healthcare Data Exchange (powered by ESO)
  • Shared clinical protocols
  • And more!
Call (833) TEAM-EMS to learn more about our program.